One of the most common questions we get at HCHM is about the shoot out in Perry Tuttle’s Saloon that happened August 20, 1871. Below are links to articles that we have published on the event to our blog Voices of Harvey County.

Newton’s General Massacre

No Sunday West  of Newton

Full & Graphic Account

Lingering questions

A Boy Named Riley, who was he?

Who was the reporter Allegro?

What happened to Hugh Anderson, the Texas cowboy that shot McClusky?

Additional Stories Related to Early Newton

Newton’s Boot Hill, possible location and the earliest burials; Carlos B King and George Halliday.

More on Hide Park in a post entitled “Hell Upon Earth with All It’s Horrors, and evangelism and cowboys in Newton  With Long Prayers and Loud Amens!

For posts on the  formation of the county and the Spivy ticket according to Judge Muse and more about Newton’s first mayor, James Gregory, and the Gold Room.

For continuing Mysteries.