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Affordable, entertaining and educational programs and exhibits are available for:

  • Retirement communities
  • Civic organizations
  • Church groups
  • Family reunions
  • Class reunions
  • Service organizations
  • Social clubs
  • Annual meetings
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • And more!

To schedule a program or exhibit, contact:

Harvey County Historical Museum & Archives
203 Main
Newton, KS 67114
(316) 283-2221

Click here to download the brochure for the Speakers Bureau & Traveling Exhibits (PDF)

Speakers Bureau Programs

  • The program fee is $50.
  • A travel charge will be added for sites outside of Harvey County.
  • For your meeting at the museum, the program can include tables and chairs.


Ranchito Roots
Until 1959, “Mexican tenement housing” was on Santa Fe property in Newton. Explore its history through the photos, stories, and records shared by community members. Follow the lives of families who lived at the Ranchito; and who are still a vital part of the community today.

A Moment of Fame: Newton’s Puckett Sisters Check for Availability
Seeking fame, fortune and fun, Adelaide and Eleanor Puckett left Newton for the opportunities of New York City, changing their name to “Ambrose” along the way. Addie was a publisher, Eleanor an international dance star; but both returned to Newton. Hear about their fascinating journey around the world and back home.

An Accomplished Young Lady
The author of an 1890’s article advised “If you have daughters, teach them all needlework . . . . Dress modestly, but not fine, unless the world knows you can afford it.” Young ladies and their mothers faithfully followed this advice and the results are evident in popular activities and hand crafts of young ladies from the 1880s through today. Related exhibit available.

“Wish You Were Here”: Postcards from Harvey County and Beyond
Get a taste of the rich history of the postcards that document the county and state.

Newton’s Bloody Sunday: The Gunfight at Hide Park
Perhaps no Harvey County legend gets as much attention as the events surrounding the evening of Aug. 19-20, 1871. Known as “Newton’s General Massacre,” the event established Newton’s reputation as “the wickedest town in the West.” This program examines the facts, the legends, the myths and some of the unanswered questions that remain to this day.

The Latest in Home Entertainment: Enjoying Music in Harvey County
A musical journey exploring how our forms of listening to and making music have changed over the years. From the breakthrough roller organ to Spotify, music has always been an important part of our lives. On-site program includes objects and demonstrations.

Harvey County’s Foulest Crime and Greatest Legal Battle Check for Availability
What do you get when you start with an 1893 arson in the office of the Harvey County Register of Deeds, add an individual who then just happens to possess the only complete set of deeds for Harvey County, and multiply by several attorneys, law enforcement officers, newspaper publishers and other interesting characters? A fascinating story of crime and corruption.

Up the Beaten Path: Following the Chisholm Trail
An estimated 700,000 Texas longhorns were driven from Texas to shipping points in Kansas in 1871 alone. Hear first-hand accounts of trail drivers and cowboys who were involved in “the greatest migration of animals ever known” that included soaking downpours, frustrations with other cowboys and stubborn cattle. Related exhibit available.

Traveling Exhibits

  • Traveling exhibit space requirements vary with each topic and can be adjusted for your available space.
  • A secure case or wall display is required for most exhibits.
  • Exhibits may visit your site for one to three months, depending on other obligations.
  • Set-up fee is $50.
  • A travel charge will be added for a site outside of Harvey County.


  • Best-dressed Dolls: Doll Hats & Clothing
  • Makin’ A Splash: Story of the Newton Municipal Pool
  • Harvey County on the Homefront: Local Life During World War I
  • Trains, Depots and the Harvey House (a scrolling slide show, about 20 minutes in length)
  • Fill Er’ Up! Gas Stations of Harvey County
  • Stroll Through the 1960s
  • Aprons: Tied with Love
  • Road-Making: The Construction of the Meridian Highway
  • An Accomplished Young Lady
  • Our Hats are Off
  • Piece by Piece: Quilts from Our Collection