A Photo Album: 519 Main, Newton, 1879-1992.

by Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator

With the recent crumbling of the front facade of the building at 519 Main, Newton, and the discussions of how to proceed, we thought it might be of interest to take a look back at the building at 519 Main.

Probably the second oldest photo in the museum’s collection of Newton’s Main Street. Taken in 1879-1880, the photo is of the west side of the 500 Block looking south.

500 Block Main, Newton, 1879-1880

Opera House

Recent research has also revealed that an earlier Opera House was located at 519 Main.

519 Main, Newton, Kansan 50th Anniversary Edition. 1922 
Sprinkler’s Furniture & Undertaking

519 Detail
Opera House 1878


Although the photographer meant to focus on floats and bands, a lot of clues can be gathered from parade photos.  From 1900 on through present day, these photos highlight a changing Main Street.


West side of Main, 1901. Western Journal of Commerce, 1901.


500 Block Main, Newton, Ks , 1911


519 Main, second floor visible in background, 1921.


500 Block Main, 1941.


500 Block Main, 1957.


500 Block Main, 1963.


500 Block Main, 1965.


500 Block Main, 1977.


500 Block Main, 1992.





The Bentley Block: 600 Block of Main

by Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator


Did you recognize the scrolls on the building at 601 Main?

Prairie Harvest, 601 Main, 2015.

This weekend Prairie Harvest is celebrating their 17th Anniversary of business.  Enjoy this history of the building at 601 Main, Newton through photos. Which one do you remember?

The Bentley Block, 1880s

Bentley Block, 601 Main, Newton, Ks, 1883.

1885 Newton City directory lists the following businesses at the location: German National Bank (601 Main); Bentley & Perde Real Estate Brokers (601 1/2); Bowman & Bucher, Attorneys (601 1/2); J.W. Murphy, Real Estate (106 W. 6th); Gross, Boyd & McConnell, Barbers (104 W 6th); E.E. Sellers, Cigars (104 W 6th).

Hanlins Department Store: “The largest Cash Department Store in the State” ca. 1905.

Postcard, 600 Block of Main, west side, 1905. (The Opera House tower is visible at far right.)

Hanlins Department Store, 601 Main, ca. 1905.

West side of the 600 & 700 Blocks on Main Photo by Stovall Studio for booklet, “Newton, Kansas: Past & Present,Progress & Prosperity Souvenir,” 1911.

Hanlins Mercantile Gets a New Look  in 1911.

The front of the building was significantly altered, changing the main entrance and adding an imposing front facade in 1911.

Booster Day Parade, October 42, 1911.

Hanlin Lewis Mercantile, 601 Main, ca. 1911.

The Era of J.C. Penney & Co and more Changes, 1957

J.C. Penney Co., 601 Main. 1957.

500 & 600 Block of west Main, Newton, 1957.

More changes for the front facade when the cornice was removed sometime in 1957.

Harvey County Fair Parade in front of J. C. Penney Co, 601 Main, 1957. (can you find the graffiti left by the NHS class of 1957?)

More drastic changes  in the 1960s/early 1970s when metal siding was installed over the front facade of the building at 601 Main.

Chisholm Trail Parade in front of J.C. Penney Co, 601 Main, 1991.

Businesses since J.C. Penney & Co closed.

Stage, 601 Main, 1997.

Dollar Super Store, 601 Main, 2002.

A Revitalized Building and a Return to the older facade.

Prairie Harvest, 601 Main, 2015.

Congratulations to a Harvey County Business!

On June 7, 2017, Anderson’s Book & Office Supply will celebrate 125 years on Newton’s Main street and five generations of a family business. Below are photos from HCHM’s collection.  Congratulations to the family as they celebrate this milestone.

Anderson Book Store, 422 Main, Newton, pre-1938.

Products and Services available at Anderson’s pre-1938.


Interior of Anderson China Store, 424 N. Main, ca. 1915.

Anderson advertising the RCA Radiola using a parade float in 1921.

P.M. Anderson’s RCA Radiola Float, ca. 1921.

Anderson Book Store 627 N. Main. Janet Gray Anderson, Daisy Will, Faye Thimm, and Phil E. Anderson, 1953.

Anderson’s moved to 627 Main, Newton in 1938 in an effort to be more convenient for NHS teachers and students.

Entrance to the store at 627 Main, Newton.

Before Anderson’s moved into the building at 627 Main, several other businesses had occupied the space.   Golden Rule Store, also known as  J.C. Penney’s, was the first one in Kansas.

Anderson’s today.


  • “Anderson Book & Office Supply 1892-1992,” booklet compiled by Phil, Jan, & Murray Anderson, and Rebecca Megli, 1992.