New & Cool at HCHM

Recently a small pair of boys pants were donated to HCHM, still in the original store box. They were given to Henry  Frederick Dudte born in 1914 to John L and Anna M Dudte.  He grew up in Highland Township, Harvey County, Kansas.

These pants were given to him “to be worn on his First Birthday,” but it appears he never wore them.

H. Fred Dudte married Hazel Williams on May 30, 1937.  The couple raised their family in Harvey County. Fred died November 14, 2008 and Hazel on April 6, 2015.  They are both buried in the Highland Cemetery, Harvey County, Ks.

We know from photos that boys clothing has changed over the years.  In the 1890s, mothers continued the common practice of dressing their small boys in dresses or smocks with ruffles. It was not uncommon for siblings be dressed alike.

Eva & Reed Weimer, Sedgwick, Ks, 1890. Tripp Photo, HCHM Photo Archives.

Warren Kinney?, 1910. Frank Spangler Collection, HCHM Photo Archives.

At the turn of the century children’s clothing began to shift to clothes specific to children and gender specific Dresses, smocks and ruffles were less common.

Uncle David, John, Malcom, and Warren Nicholson, 1924. Nicholson Family Collection. HCHM Photo Archives.

Unidentified boy in a yard, ca. 1900. HCHM Photo Archives.

Unidentified boy, 1961. HCHM Photo Archives.