Memories in Miniature: Exhibit Coming

Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator

We are making plans for our next exhibit featuring miniatures of Harvey County.

Grace Hill Mennonite Church, 1881-1954

Grace Hill Mennonite Church Model. Created by Claassen Family, 1999.

Grace Hill Mennonite Church 1881-1954.

 Axtell Hospital

Axtell Hospital Model, Unknown Maker, No Date.

 Trains and the Newton Depot

Newton Depot Model, Created by Don Cooprider.


We have room for a few more models.  If you have a miniature of a building in Harvey County, give us a call.

The exhibit opens in February 2018.

Stuff We Love: I Just Like Trains!

For our exhibit “Stuff We Love” we asked board members, volunteers and staff to pick their favorite museum object, document or photograph.  The result is an eclectic collection with everything from a Gas Model Airplane to the Gem Roller Organ.  HCHM Office Manager, Gaylord Sanneman decided on a model of the 1930 Santa Fe Railroad Depot.


Model of the Santa Fe Railroad Depot, Newton, Ks.

I just like trains! Now that I’m retired I hope to build my own model set—once I can decide on a size. -Gaylord Sanneman

The one-eigthth scal model was constructed in 1992 by Donovan Cooprider using original blueprints from the 1930 Newton Santa Fe Railroad Depot.


Donovan Cooprider, 2003 with the model.

The model was donated to the museum several years ago and Gaylord picked it as one of the objects he loved from our collection.

Postcard of 1930 Santa Fe Railroad Depot in Newton, Ks.

Postcard of the 1930 Santa Fe Railroad Depot in Newton, Ks

Postcard of the 1930 Santa Fe Railroad Depot in Newton, Ks

1930 Santa Fe Railroad Depot Model

Stop in to see other “Stuff We Love.”