(E) Black Beaver/Col. Emory Trail of 1861. Under the command of Emory, the Union forces quickly moved out of I.T. and into Kansas, going through the future sites of Wichita and Newton. Within present-day Harvey County, Black Beaver guided the 1861 expedition as it traversed just west of today’s Greenwood Cemetery on the east side of today’s city of Newton (whose beginnings were ten years away). The Union force intercepted the Santa Fe Trail near the Cottonwood Crossing at today’s Durham (in Marion County, Kansas) and used it to get to Fort Leavenworth (in northeast Kansas). The column arrived “without the loss of a man, horse, or wagon, although two men deserted on the journey.” Within a few years of the Emory trek, Texas longhorn cattle were trailed roughly along Black Beaver’s path as the cattle were herded along the Abilene/Chisholm Trail. Who was Black Beaver? How was he able to scout the path for Emory’s expedition? Note: Photo is William Hemsley Emory (1811—1887) Photo credit: 6720, Joseph Thoburn Collection, OHS