“In Memoriam:” Soldiers of the Great War

by Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator

In the May 19, 1919 issue of the Evening Kansan Republican the editors printed a “Report of the Committee on Memoirs at Service Held  Sunday, May 18, 1919.” In this report, Harvey County soldiers that had died during the Great War were remembered. The issue gave a brief description of each man.  The issue also included  “The Complete Roster of Harvey Co. World War Soldiers.”

Evening Kansan Republican, 19 May 1919, p. 1.

Based on the information in the newspaper article more soldiers from Harvey County died from pneumonia, than died in action, illustrating the  devastating effect of the 1918 Influenza. Six were killed in action, five others died on foreign soil, and 14 in the United States.

Postcard, 1918-1919

The  men are listed below.   In the coming year,  watch for stories of these men to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Great War.

Killed in Action

Died of Pneumonia on Foreign Soil

  • Rudolph August Carl Steffen
  • James Edward Taylor
  • Joseph P Trego
  • John G. Schaplowsky
  • William E. Dreier

Died of Pneumonia on US soil

  • MacArthur B. Brush
  • Irvin Haury
  • Herman Heinrich Christian Green
  • Emmett H Neuway
  • Roy Lee Pittman
  • Max Reynolds
  • Lee Elmer Shepherd
  • Cleo Walter Miline
  • Earl Floyd Alfred Hood
  • Melvin Savage
  • Burton Elmer Cochran
  • James Shea

Accidental Death on US Soil


Parade, 1919.
Newton Main Street, Old Mill in the background.

Complete Roster

The Evening Kansan Republican  also included “A Complete Roster of Harvey County World War Soldiers.”

Evening Kansan Republican, 19 May 1919, p. 6.