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Which Harvey County Church?

1st United Methodist Church, 801 N. Main, Newton, Ks, 2007

Did you recognize the dome of the 1st United Methodist Church, 801 N. Main, Newton?

Methodist Church pre-1915

Methodist Church, 801 N. Main, Newton, Ks, ca. 1900.


Looking north 800 Block Main, Newton, Ks, ca. 1905. Methodist Church on left; 1st Pres

Methodist Church 1915 to present

The new Methodist Church was constructed in 1915 at 801 N. Main, Newton, Ks.

1st Methodist Church, 801 N. Main, Newton, Ks. ca. 1920s

Building Harvey County: Churches

Enjoy these photos from our collection of church construction in Harvey County.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 1902.

8th & Main, Newton, Ks.



1st Presbyterian Church, 1903.

Corner of Main & E. 7th, Newton, Ks.


German Evangelical Church, 1906.

W. 7th & Plum, Newton, Ks.



Plymouth Congregational Church, 1912.

4th & Commercial, Sedgwick, Ks



Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 1917.

119 Poplar, Halstead, Ks.


First Methodist Church, 1917

801 N. Main, Newton, Ks


First Mennonite Church, 1931-32

429 E. 1st, Newton, Ks


First Church of the Nazarene, 1947.

E. 9th, Newton, Ks.


Bethel College Mennonite Church, 1953.

Bethel College, North Newton, Ks.


East Side United Methodist Church, 1961.

1520 E. Broadway, Newton, Ks.


Golden Plains Free Methodist Church, 1977.

224 NW 60th, Newton, Ks.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1978.

1201 N. Grandview, Newton, Ks