The Mystery Arch

by Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator

Several weeks ago we posted this photo on our Facebook page. The photo in our collection did not have any information with it. Scanning the Evening Kansan Republican did not yield answers.  The answer was found a recently added archival collection of Harvey County Extension Annual Reports.

Buried in the Harvey County Extension Annual Report for 1926, the same photo.

“The Festival Arch entrance to the agricultural booth exhibit of the Harvey County Fall Festival, 1926”

The next year, the arch was even grander.

“Entrance Arch to Agricultural Displays at the Harvey County Fall Festival, 1927.”

The Harvey County Extension Collection was recently added to HCHM’s Archives.  The annual reports often included photographs and detailed information on the farming community of Harvey County.  The collection is available for researchers at HCHM Archives.