Around the Farm: Barns

Barns are such an important part of farm life in Harvey County. We thought we would share a few photos from our collection.


Unidentified farm.

George Kline Family Farm

Macon Township, Harvey County, Ks

Kline Farm

Kline Family Farm

George Kline Farm, Macon Township, Harvey County, Ks

Lunch break, Kline Family Farm.

Barn Memories

“We used to put on theatricals upstairs in our barn.  One, especially, had a disappearing stunt in it and the only way we could disappear was to stand close to the hay chute and step backwards and slide down the chute and come out below in the cow’s manger. . . . we got stuck sometimes and a recess was declared and the cast disbanded to pull the unfortunate one out. . .”  Helen Purvis Johns Moore.


S. M. Spangler Family Farm

3 miles south on Old 81, Harvey County, Ks

S.M. Spangler Barn, ca. 1900. Located 3 miles south on old 81.

“Grandpa Spangler’s Manure Spreader on the S.M. Spangler Farm


Jacob Andres/Peter Claassen Barn, 1963.

1 mile west of Farmer’s Corner, west of Halstead to the right and west of the river.

Barn was built in 1876 by Jacob Andres and son Gustav. Later owners included Peter Claassen and C.F. (Fritz) Claassen.


Fred Klaassen Farm, 1938

Harvey County Extension Annual Report, 1938. “A view of the Fred Claassen home before undertaking rebuilding and landscaping.” Photo taken on October 23, 1938, by November 2 a foundation for the new barn was laid to the north & west of present barn.


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