Ambleside Estates, Home of Mr. & Mrs. H.L. Hart – Built in 1878. As an advocate of the naming campaign, Mrs. H.L. Hart christened her country place as “Ambleside” after an estate in England. A newspaper article reported the name was selected because of, “…amble meaning to walk leisurely, and the place is beside the road. And it is a pretty place, and the example of giving it a name is one worthy of general emulation.” The first farm name registered in Harvey County was in 1911. Mrs. H.A. Hunter of Highland Twp wanted her place to be known as “Sunnyside Farm.” On the same day, J.W. Nolder of Macon Twp registered his farm as “Pleasant Hill.” By 1917, farm names had been registered in nearly every township of Harvey County. A few examples: J.J. Kellar’s “Kellar Poultry, Dairy & Berry Farm” in Halstead Twp, Mrs. H.L. Hart’s “Ambleside” in Newton Twp, A. Prouty’s “Proutys Grove Farm” in Macon Twp, Wm. J. Rodgers’ “White House View Farm” in Pleasant Twp, and N. Molzen’s “High View Farm” in Highland Twp. Photo from 1989: HCHM Collection.