Farms Gained “Romance and Beauty” Through Their Name. Prior to World War I and at various locales in the nation, there was a movement of giving names to farms. This trend was intended to give the family a greater interest in the farm. Through a pleasing name, it was thought the “romance and beauty” would give inspiration to improving lawns, orchards and gardens as well as keeping fences in good repair and buildings painted. Farm names were to be kept in the public eye by using white washed stones or lettering in flower beds. Proponents advised an individuality to the name by using natural features, characteristics and type of farming, the family name, or an historical name. In Kansas, the payment of a one dollar fee to the county clerk made it possible to register a farm’s name which protected it from being duplicated. This practice was promoted as a way to advertise the products of the farm. Undated photo of unknown Harvey County farm on W. 12th road. HCHM Collection.