Businesses Developed Around Farm Machinery. Technology allowed for a transition from the labor-intensive aspect of farming to ever increasing mechanization. This conversion created business opportunities in Harvey County—that of continual improvements, inventions, manufacturing and sales of farm machinery. Over the years, entrepreneurs have been instrumental in Harvey County becoming a key player in the agricultural industry. A small sampling includes the Prairie Queen, Miller Grain Drill, W.J. Trousdale and Hesston Corporation businesses. William Trousdale, company president, led the Prairie Queen Mfg. Co. into prominence. The former Newton Carriage Works building (located at W. First St and Ash St, the 2018 site of a metal recycling firm) was acquired. In 1903, the stone facility was re-purposed for the manufacturing and sales of the Prairie Queen separator and the Baker Engine. The Prairie Queen separator (a threshing machine powered by a large steam engine) separated straw from wheat and chaff, and then cleaned the grain. An entry of the equipment at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson won an award and accolades. The business was successful enough that both Hutchinson and Wichita tried to lure the company away from Newton.