Local legend has circulated for years about this stone building at 307 N. Main being the land office of Muse & Spivey. In reality, the stone building was a combination residence and office for John Randall. Subsequent to Randall’s ownership, the stone building changed hands a number of times and was used for a variety of businesses. After being severely damaged in a storm, the stone building was torn down in 1967. The land office was in the wood frame building (shown in the previous slide) which was moved to the 311 N. Main site in 1878 or 1880 and placed immediately next door to Randall’s residence. By at least 1885, the land office building was repurposed when J.W. Edwards took it over for his coal company. The business saw several ownership changes with it eventually being operated by Frank Nicholson. An individual bought the wood frame building in 1915, moved it to West Fifth street in Newton and added it to his residence. Photo from HCHM collection.