Meridian Road in Harvey County, Kansas. Running north-south in Harvey County, Meridian Road goes through the west edge of Newton. Meridian Road’s name was derived from its location on the Sixth Principal Meridian. Prior to the system of numbering highways, Highway US-81 was known as the Meridian Highway due to its close proximity to the 6th Principal Meridian. What’s the significance of the 6th Principal Meridian? In 1855-56 and under the US Public Land Survey System, the Initial Point of the Sixth Principal Meridian was established on the 40th Parallel North latitude. It is located near present-day Mahaska, Kansas. This reference point controls the system of sections, townships and ranges of public land surveys in Kansas, Nebraska, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. Photo shows Meridian Road in Newton, KS. Photo by Ronald Dietzel. May, 2017.