Macon, Newton, and Pleasant Townships were obtained from Sedgwick County. Macon Twp is one of two townships named after the former home of an early settler. However, it’s unclear if the name was for someone’s former home in Macon County, Illinois; or, in honor of early settler Samuel Sarvey’s hometown in Michigan. Newton Twp’s name was chosen in appreciation of the Santa Fe Railway’s efforts to build the area. The name comes from Newton, Massachusetts—the Boston suburb which was home to many Santa Fe stockholders. Within the boundaries of Newton Twp are the City of Newton, the City of North Newton and the site of the now non-existent community of Goldschaar. Pleasant Twp’s name was chosen as a descriptor of the area. Located within Pleasant Twp was the now non-existent community of Sheldon, at which a post office was established in 1871. Image from Edward’s Map of 1882.