Highland and Walton Townships were annexed from Marion County. When annexed into Harvey County in 1873, this area was all a single township. In January of 1876, a petition was presented to the Harvey County Commission asking that Walton Twp be divided into two townships. Approval was given so the west half became Highland Twp and the east half became Walton Twp. The first settlement of the area was in the spring of 1871 with entries being made in the Augusta land office. The completion of the Santa Fe railway line from Emporia to Newton in July of 1871 contributed greatly to the settlement of the area. Wood for fuel was hauled from the Little Arkansas River near Sedgwick and the Whitewater River in Richland Twp. Lumber, food, and other supplies were brought in on the train. Highland Twp’s name was chosen as a descriptor of the area. Located in this township was the now non-existent community of Eleanor, at which a post office was established in 1883. Walton Twp is one of four townships which was named in appreciation of the Santa Fe Railway’s efforts to build the area. Walton was named for a Santa Fe stockholder. Within the boundaries of Walton Twp are the City of Walton and the site of the now non-existent community of Braddock. Image from Edward’s Map of 1882.