Newton’s 150th Birthday Bash Trivia Questions Answer Sheet


  Trivia Questions Answer Sheet                         

  1. What is the oldest artifact at the Harvey County Historical Museum?

A: Newton Flag                       B: USO Piano

C: Mammoth Tooth                 D: Leather Coat

  1. How many names are on the USO piano?

A: 3,589          B: 799             C: 4,526                      D: 2,643

  1. What was the building used as before it became the Historical Society?

A: Hospital                              B: Library

C: Train Depot             D: School

  1. How many townships are in Harvey County?

A: 6                  B: 15                C: 4                  D: 9

  1. What city ordinance was passed on April 16, 1872, which is still in effect?

A: No pies served ala mode on Sundays

B: Horses must wear saddles

C: Ladies must be accompanied by a gentleman after dark

D: No buffalo or other wild animals running at large in town

  1. The two first business in town were?

A: Sears & Walmart                             B: Anderson’s Book Store & Kroger

C: Rohr Jewelry & Norms                    D: A.F. Horner & Walton’s Blacksmith

  1. What were the first two church denominations in Newton?

A: Catholic & Presbyterian                  B: Methodist & Mennonite

C: Methodist & Presbyterian               D: Baptist & Mennonite

  1. Newton got its name from whom/what? Circle two answers.

A:  Newton, Mass.                   B: Isaac Newton

C: Stock holders                      D: Famous inventors

  1. What was the first mill in Newton?

A: Warkentin Mill                    B: Silias Wood Mill

C: Ardent Flour Mill                 D: Goerz Flour Mill

  1. What crop was brought over by immigrants from the Ukraine?

A: Turkey Red Wheat              B: Corn

C: Beans                                  D: Zucchini

  1. Where did the famous Aug. 20th 1871 shootout take place?

A: The Mint Saloon                 B: Alamo Saloon

C: Perry Tuttle Saloon D: OK Corral

  1. How many men were killed?

A: 5                  B: 10                C: 55                D: 32