#finditfriday Where is it?

It is always more fun if you try and find the object before you check the answer. For those far away, we know that is not possible, so check out the answer below.


Did you find the the small metal decoration, or maybe a gate, at the beginning of the sidewalk to enter the Newton City Building?


The building at the southeast corner of 5th & Oak was constructed in 1923 at the office building for the Santa Fe.  The small metal gate at the beginning of the front sidewalk with the Santa Fe logo is a reminder of the past use. Today it is Newton City Hall.

Santa Fe Division Office Building, 1923 at 5th $ Oak.

Check out L.M. Hurley’s book, Newton, Kansas #1 Santa Fe Rail Hub 1871-1971 for more details about the years that the Santa Fe was central to Newton Ks.