Bell of the Ball

by Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator

Area schools are holding their proms, giving students a chance to dress up. No doubt the styles of prom dresses have changed over the years. In our collection we have a dress worn at Newton High’s prom in 1963.

Prom Dress, 1963, worn by Marjean Westfahl Werner. HCHM 2009.16.

The yellow princess style dress was worn by Marjean Westfahl Werner.  She recalled that she went to Wichita to buy the dress.

Marjean Westfahl Werner, 1963.

The princess style dress was popular in the 1950s. The style was slightly modified in the early 1960s  with shorter-to the knee length instead of floor length.

Wards Catalog page.

Also known as bouffant, popular colors were gold, silver, yellow, and white. Under slips were worn to achieve the bouffant look.

Dresses cost around $19.98.


Sears, 1960s

Patterns were also available.

What style was popular when you went to school?