Museum Activities

By Kristine Schmucker, HCHM Curator

For several months we have been working with Flint Hills Design, N. Newton, to redesign our web page and it is finally complete.  As part of the web redesign, we were able to move our blog to be included on the web page, so everything is linked together.  As a result, we are learning how to use a new system for the blog.  Although it is not that much different, as with anything, there are little quirks that need to be learned. For this weeks post, I will feature a group of students that came to the museum this morning to learn about Harvey County history from our archivist, Jane Jones.

Jane put together a presentation on the early Harvey County settler, Amos Prouty for a group of home school students.  We are fortunate to have letters and documents from Prouty’s time serving in the Army during the Civil War and she shared the documents and photos with them.

Tomorrow we will also be hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Reception from 1:00- 4:00 with special recognition and best wishes for the future to Linda Koppes.  Then, on Sunday, at 2:00, a program given by Erika Nelson entitled, Hucksters, Barkers and Sideshows will be held at the Museum.  Both events are free.