Sedgwick Township was secured from Sedgwick County. Sedgwick Twp was named for Maj. Gen. John M. Sedgwick of the U.S. Army. Per a Newton Kansan article in December 1896, this township can lay claim to several Harvey County firsts—the first birth (Rosa M., daughter of Chas. Schaefer, on Aug. 12, 1870), the first male birth (Henry, son of P.M. Morgan on Feb. 13, 1871), the first school house in 1870, and the first death in 1870 by shooting. Within this township are the majority of the City of Sedgwick, the remainder being in Sedgwick County, and the site of the now non-existent community of Putnam, at which a post office was established in 1891. Image from Edward’s Map of 1882.