Darlington and Richland Townships were obtained from Sedgwick County. Darlington Twp, one of the townships named after the former home of an early settler, was named for the county seat of LaFayette County, Wisconsin. Judge Muse reported the first frame structure in Newton was that of a building moved there from Darlington Twp in about March 1871. The now non-existent village of McLain (also called McLains), at which a post office was established in 1886, was located at the corners of Darlington, Richland, Newton and Pleasant Twps. Richland Twp’s name was chosen as a descriptor of the area. Early township residents of note were Dr. Sylvester Foster, the first physician in Harvey County. A Mr. Johnson was the county’s first probate judge. Within the boundaries of Richland Twp was the now non-existent town of Annelly, at which a post office was established in 1885. Image from Edward’s Map of 1882.